GAIN is a multi-agency collaboration that brings together intelligence and investigation staff mainly, but not exclusively, from public sector enforcement agencies to disrupt criminality.

The Yorkshire and Humber Regional GAIN forms joint working relationships and provides a mechanism at a regional level for different national, regional and local agencies to work together in a more formal arrangement using existing legislation to tackle serious and organised crime collectively.

The role of the GAIN Coordinator is to:

  • Exchange information with forces and partner agencies within legislative constraints relating to the following serious organised crime criteria:
    • Mapped organised crime groups
    • High risk individuals
    • Vulnerabilities such as human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and county lines
    • And/or a tasked operation for the referring agency/ organisation
  • Jointly participate in enforcement action.
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of strategic and tactical options and intervention to tackle serious and organised crime in line with the National SOC Strategy.
  • Help forces and partner agencies with their investigations by attending operational planning meetings, OCG management meetings and regular inputs at training and development sessions.

As highlighted in the Serious & Organised Crime Strategy 2018, the GAIN provides an essential gateway for sharing intelligence between its members. It is fundamental to the work carried out by Regional disruptions teams who, working closely with the public and private sectors, use non-criminal justice techniques and non-traditional policing methods to disrupt local organised crime groups.