YHROCU Protect team give free awareness and education training to a variety of audiences such as SME's, charities and academia.


Meet the Protect team working to keep you safe online both at home and at work. The team have over 16 years’ experience in law enforcement as well as employees working towards cyber focused degrees.

  • DS Oliver Scoones - Protect Regional Supervisor
  • PC Dean Russell - Protect Regional Co-Ordinator
  • Nicola Ridsdale - Protect Officer

To contact the team directly please email : [email protected]


Vulnerability Notifications

As part of the protect teams efforts to keep the Yorkshire and Humber geographical area safe from the persistant threat posed by cyber criminals we often reach out to organisations to notify them of a recently discovered vulnerability or exploit. If you have been contacted by the unit then please see our notifications page for more info on how to check the validity of the contact. The page can be found here - https://www.yhrocu.org.uk/departments/regional-cyber-crime-unit/protect/vulnerability-notifications/ 


For news and information on the exploitation of COVID-19 by Cyber Criminals please see our COVID-19 Information page here






Cybercrime is an ever increasing threat within the UK. The cost of cybercrime is estimated to be costing the UK economy billions of pounds per year, and the costs to individuals and businesses are often staggering.





The regional cyber crime protect team engages with businesses, academia and communities across the Yorkshire and Humberside region. 

The majority of cybercrime is preventable by taking basic cyber security measures.  Here in Yorkshire and Humber we want to protect our communities and businesses from becoming victims by giving free cyber security awareness and mitigation training. Our team can attend at your place of work to give awareness training. Some of the training available by the team is listed below. 



Board Level

  • Awareness training covering current threats and mitigation including a baseline vulnerability check, policy and procedure input to ensure you can get your organisation running again following a cyber incident

Staff End User

  • Awareness training covering current threats and mitigation affecting end users in the workplace. How to keep yourself and your business safe online.


  • Awareness training covering current threats and mitigation for the individual on a personal level keeping themselves and their families safe online.

We provide free specific packages covering Social Engineering, Ransomware (Malware) and Phishing if your organisation has been victim of a specific cyber attack. We can offer specific awareness training to mitigate against the threat. 



Our protect message is in line with the current guidelines from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The team are all trained in public speaking and can speak at a variety of events.

  • Customer Events
  • Medium / Large Conferences
  • Breakfast Clubs

Specific tailored presentations in line with your business needs. We use Prezi software for our presentations so they can be shared and distributed for further insight. 

YHROCU have produced a video highlighting the cyber threats all around us and how to limit the risk of them affecting your organisation. 

  • YHROCU Protect Awareness :



We build all our awareness and training material to ensure we are giving current advice direct from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and GCHQ. The link below is a full presentation which highlights the current threats and mitigation.

If your business has been victim of a specific threat or you are in a specific area of industry and want a tailored presentation for your staff or board please email us at  - [email protected]



Keeping you safe online - Presentation


Our PREZI packages are best viewed with an internet connection of at least 2MBps and the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. They can also be viewed via the PREZI Viewer Mobile App on Android: KitKat OS or newer and iOS: iOS 9 or newer. 


If you would like to arrange for the team to visit your organisation for staff awareness training please contact the team via email at  - [email protected]