The Regional Economic Crime Unit (RECU) a multi-force and multi-agency team that uses specialist financial investigation skills, techniques and legislation to disrupt organised crime, remove criminals’ assets, protect communities and build public confidence in the criminal justice system.

It consists of the following dedicated teams:

  • Money Laundering Team
  • Confiscation Team
  • Regional Fraud Team (RFT)
  • Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team (ACE)
  • Proactive Economic Crime Team (PECT)

The multi-agency team includes officers from HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), HM Revenue and Customs and the police, working together to provide a bespoke, expert service that identifies, investigates and prosecutes criminals and removes their assets using criminal, civil and tax powers. The RECU is able to provide expertise in money laundering and fraud prosecutions, the enforcement of confiscation orders and the management of all restraint orders within the region.


Our Work:

Money Laundering Team

The Money Laundering Team operates throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region but also extends through the North East region to include Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland Constabulary force areas.

The team investigates organised crime groups who are categorised as too complex for Force level resources.

A team of detectives works with different agencies to identify serious and complex offences and dismantle organised criminal groups.


Confiscation Team

The Confiscation Team consists of specialist police staff and police officers who use their skills and experience to apply the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and strip proven criminals of assets gained through criminal activity.

It covers the seven North East Forces and also takes referrals from outside agencies including Trading Standards and the UK Border Agency.


Regional Fraud Team (RFT)

The Fraud Team targets organised criminals in Yorkshire and the Humber who are identified and prioritised in terms of the level of threat they pose to communities with the intent to bring them to justice as quickly and effectively as possible.


Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team (ACE)

The ACE Team covers the seven forces in the Yorkshire & Humber and North East Region. The purpose of the team is to work with HMCTS and CPS enforcing confiscation orders that have been obtained with a view to realising assets in an efficient manner.



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