The Regional Intelligence Unit works with partners to increase regional knowledge of serious, organised and complex crime.

The Regional Intelligence Unit collates information from the four Force areas in line with national, regional and local priorities and has high level access to a number of UK law enforcement agencies, their information systems and tasking.

This enables the team to provide a strategic and tactical overview of organised crime; increase collective knowledge and understanding of regional criminality; and coordinate law enforcement activity.


Our Work:

The Regional Intelligence Unit is part of a national infrastructure set up to provide a meaningful intelligence map of Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) across the UK. Its role is to provide an informed map of cross-border criminal activity.

The Regional Intelligence Unit produce intelligence products that help the Yorkshire & Humber forces and regional units to have a greater understanding of the threats and risks of harm likely to occur as well as those that actually exist in the four forces and local communities.

Within the Regional Intelligence Unit is an embedded Regional Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team who use modern technologies and innovative practices against cross border highly motivated organised criminals. Searches of ANPR data can identify vehicles associated with crime and can dramatically speed up investigations and save money.

The role of the Regional Intelligence Unit is to identify where an intervention needs to be made to prevent harm locally by identifying the supply chain of criminal activity and stemming the source, be that drugs, people trafficking or illegal firearms. This timely intervention works to protect local communities.

A yearly Strategic Assessment is produced by the unit that informs regional as well as force control strategies and force plans.

The Regional Intelligence Unit embodies partnership working and resources from various law enforcement agencies are embedded within the unit, including the National Crime Agency (NCA), HM Revenue and customs (HMRC) and the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN).  This partnership approach to tackling serious organised crime provides a common standard in capability and practice that enables all partners to identify, assess and manage the threat from organised crime by bringing together intelligence and operational assets and processes capable of delivering an effective response from local, to national and international.